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Protoclea Advanced Image Engineering has specialised in the field of CCTV and image processing since 1987. Over the years we have developed strong capabilities in the design, production and delivery of leading-edge products, systems and solutions for both the military and commercial security and imaging markets and these can be customised to suit specific end-user requirements and applications.

We Specialise In


System Engineering


Image Processing


High-Level Software Design


High-Speed Digital Design


Embedded Software Design


Digital Signal Processing

Our Promise To You

Cost-effective, guaranteed performance solutions.

Meticulous quality control to ensure leading-edge systems.

Long-term, collaborative relationships with joint benefit.



One of our core focusses is image engineering. This includes capturing of images (pictures and video), the storage and transfer thereof and the extraction of intelligence from it to be used by humans or other systems.


Additional to technology capabilities, we specialise in integrated systems using video as primary information source. It covers pro-active monitoring (prevention) right through to successful prosecution using image analysis technology.



We abide by a strong code of ethics, and integrity is something we take very seriously. Without the trust of our clients and partners, we would not be where we are today.


Safety is a top priority for our clients and partners alike. As such, our technology and software are developed around this one principle, providing proactive solutions. Prevention is always better than cure!


We ensure meticulous quality assurance at every stage of development and manufacture. Our systems and solutions are known for their excellent quality, durability and extended lifespan.

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