ANPR Systems in Residential Estates

A world of benefits has opened with recent technological advancements and the advent of intelligent systems, rather than components. Of these, the most important concept relates to the ability to perform proactive situational assessments before and during incidents. This ability is primarily a result of bringing multiple pieces of information together. 

When it comes to ANPR, only reading numbers and letters is no longer sufficient. Accurate number plate recognition software forms a vital component of modern ANPR systems. Additional features include the ability to record the make and colour of vehicles. For added security, such information should be linked to other distinguishing characteristics, such as driver facial or fingerprint features, or some form of an artificial tag. Combining this information provides a very accurate picture/record of a vehicle and its driver. The whole concept of an ANPR system now escalates to a comprehensive information analysis system. 

Residential estates offer an environment that is well-suited for ANPR security systems. Such systems provide added security and can improve the flow of traffic at entrance and exit gates. Analysis of time of arrival and departure (deviations from the norm), analysis of duration of stay, and behaviour (such as speeding) inside the estate can all be incorporated to start building a picture of intent and, ultimately, proactive reaction is all about analysis of intent… 

Published in Hi-Tech Security Solutions Issue 2 2020. View the full article at