Maritime & Defence

Protoclea offers a range of defensive and preventative systems designed specifically for use within the military and defence sectors. Our product offerings include surveillance systems, video information systems, sensor and weapon integration systems, and wide area scanning cameras. Products can be ordered and utilised individually, however, Protoclea also offers custom solutions for specific needs and requirements.


Close-In Surveillance System

The Monasi system is a modern, powerful system designed to negate the elements of stealth and surprise from asymmetrical threats and when attached to reaction elements, from lethal to non-lethal, can effectively protect a vessel or control station.


Security / Video Information Management System

The Phorcas system is a sophisticated security information system designed to integrate multiple sub-systems in a powerful crime-fighting solution.


Sensor and Weapon Integration System

Designed as a stand-alone system and can combine sensing from different radar and optical sensing platforms and navigation information to designate effectors such as telephoto camera systems, spotlights, lethal and non-lethal weapons and tracking radars.


Wide area surveillance

The Oxylus system is a modern, powerful system designed to monitor large tracts of land for animal and human movement.


Intelligent Video Analytic System

NOBILIS offers a unique framework that allows for many different processors all to be plugged in and put to task to answer as many as possible of the various questions required to make an accurate assessment of any situation.