MONASI: Maritime Surveillance System

For Military & Commercial Use

The Monasi Maritime Surveillance System  is a modern, powerful system designed to negate the elements of stealth and surprise from asymmetrical threats and when attached to reaction elements, from lethal to non-lethal, can effectively protect a vessel or control station.

It is primarily designed for the following roles:


Long-distance (4000m) observation


Advanced detection and warning


Incident handling


Self-protection in close-in environment


Surveillance and Intelligence gathering

State-of-the-Art Features

Daylight & thermal cameras

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Omni-directional detection

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Daylight & Thermal Cameras

Monasi consists of an array of optical sensors consisting of daylight (? = 400-700nm) and thermal (? = 8–15µm) cameras. Using optical and mechanical controls the system provides for continuous monitoring of 360° surrounding areas as well as pin-point spot monitoring of any identified location. 24/7 performance is provided by the wide range of monitored frequencies as well as the addition of illuminators to improve visibility as well as act as deterrents.

Omni-Directional Detection

During incidents, it is important to ensure that the omnidirectional monitoring is continued to reduce the impact of diversion techniques. While such static cameras are not controllable, the use of very high-resolution cameras together with digital Pan/Tilt/Zoom capabilities can nevertheless provide sufficient information to assist an operator to switch attention from the diversion to the real attack. Monasi will automatically detect objects at distances of up to 3nm (5400m).

Long-Distance View

The long-distance view can allow spot monitoring in distances of up to 5nm (9260 m), or with high-resolution detail of closer objects to assist with identification, including facial recognition. These cameras are mechanically and optically stabilised to combat ship motion.

Vessel Self-protection in Harbours

In addition to the seaward detection, the system can be used as a local self-protection system in foreign harbours detecting access into safe zones, stowaways climbing on-board and so on.

Automated Detection

While the active component is critical in the case of a threat, the task of threat detection and classification itself is time-consuming and laborious. The Monasi system offers automated detection capability, able to recognise objects at long distances. Once recognised, objects are continuously tracked and alarms are raised once configured thresholds are breached, objects are racing towards the vessel and so on. Time of impact is calculated to assist with reaction planning.

Advanced Prevention Technology

Using optical and mechanical controls, the system provides for continuous monitoring of 360° surrounding areas, as well as pin-point spot monitoring of any identified location. 24/7 performance is provided by the wide range of monitored frequencies, including the addition of illuminators to improve visibility, and act as deterrents.

Typical applications include:


Naval vessels


Open water and harbour protection


Commercial vessels


Private yachts


Vessel protection in harbours

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